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If you have atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS) and are being treated with Soliris (eculizumab) or Ultomiris (ravulizumab-cwvz), you may wish to consider enrolling in OneSource, a complimentary and personalized patient support program by Alexion, the therapies’ manufacturer.

What is aHUS?

aHUS is a rare multi-organ disorder marked by the formation of excessive blood clots. These clots can block small blood vessels, particularly those in the kidneys. Mutations that affect proteins of the complement system and environmental triggers typically cause aHUS.

The complement system is part of the immune system.

What is Soliris?

Soliris is a terminal complement inhibitor approved for use in children and adults. The humanized monoclonal antibody is an intravenous treatment, and works to stop blood clotting within small blood vessels.

What is Ultomiris?

Ultomiris is s also a humanized monoclonal antibody with a mechanism of action that’s similar to that of Soliris. The treatment, also administered directly into the bloodstream, works to stop clotting and is approved for use in children and adults.

What is OneSource?

OneSource is a free, tailored patient support program offered by Alexion, which developed Soliris and Ultomiris to treat aHUS. The program is for patients residing in the U.S. and Canada. A global access program may be available for people in other countries, Alexion reports.

If you or your child is receiving one of these treatments, registering with OneSource can give you access to nurse case managers who understand this disorder. Your case manager can provide personalized support regarding health insurance, disease information, and treatments.

How does OneSource work?

Once you enroll, you’re assigned a case manager. He or she will be your main contact with the program, and assist you throughout your treatment journey. All OneSource managers are registered nurses with extensive clinical experience. They have received specific training about resources and options available to patients.

Assistance with insurance

Managing a rare condition is challenging, and navigating the ins and outs of health insurance can be both tricky and overwhelming.

Your OneSource case manager can provide you with information to help you understand your insurance plan, and Soliris and Ultomiris coverage options. Your manager can also give you information about alternative funding options and resources if you have concerns with, or gaps in, your treatment coverage.

A co-pay program is also available for eligible patients with commercial health insurance coverage.

Information on your disease

OneSource case managers are knowledgeable about the rare diseases Alexion treats — in your case, aHUS. They will work with you to help you better understand this disorder.

Managers can provide you with educational materials, such as brochures, and other resources concerning aHUS. Whether you just received a diagnosis or have been living with aHUS for awhile, OneSource can help with disease and treatment information.

Ongoing support

Program managers aim to support you throughout your journey and all aspects of your life. For example, if your treatment location or insurance coverage changes, your manager will work with you and your doctor to facilitate a smooth transition.

If you’re moving house or planning a vacation and have concerns about treatment logistics, OneSource will remain available for help and support you along the way.

Community connection

When you have a rare disease, it’s easy to feel lonely. That’s why OneSource can also help patients plug into aHUS communities, and advocacy and support groups. The program can also keep you apprised of upcoming meetings and social events.

If you enroll in the program and wish to tell your story to motivate, assist or encourage others, there are opportunities to participate in the aHUS community.

How to start?

The interested need to complete the enrollment and authorization form, and download the informational brochure. For more information, contact [email protected], or by calling  1-888-765-4747.


Last updated: Feb. 22, 2021


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