Walking On Water — Shalana Jordan

Walking on Water BANNER

Shalana “Shay” Jordan of Columbia, South Carolina, is a photographer, writer, retired educator, and single mom of two boys. She’s been adjusting to her “new normal” of battling atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome, stage 4 kidney disease, lupus, May-Thurner syndrome, and severe anemia. She received these diagnoses in 2020 at 36 years old. Being a part of the company that publishes this website, Bionews, means she can take part in helping fellow rare disease patients adjust to and prepare for the new life that’s unfolding for them. Because life doesn’t end at diagnosis. Hearing someone else’s real life experience with the “unknown” is invaluable. Being rare can be very lonely but Bionews advocates every single day to help patients realize they’re not so alone after all.