Walking On Water - a Column by Shalana Jordan

Shalana “Shay” Jordan is a single mom of two boys who’s been adjusting to her “new normal” of aHUS for over two years. She also battles with Stage 4 Kidney Disease, Lupus, May-Thurner Syndrome, and severe Anemia.

She wants to take part in helping fellow rare disease patients adjust to and prepare for the new life that’s unfolding for them. Because life does end at diagnosis.

Shay also enjoys women’s health education, fiction writing, patient advocacy, photography, cruises, and international travel. She lives in South Carolina with her two boys.

Ghosts from my past taught me about living in the present

Sept. 16 marked the three-year anniversary of my first near-death experience. In September 2020, I was hospitalized and then spent almost two months in the intensive care unit with multiple organs failing. After weeks of testing and interviews, doctors determined that I had atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome, a…

How simple alternative medicines have helped my quality of life

Note: This column describes the author’s own experiences with some alternative treatments. Not everyone will have the same response to them. Consult your doctor before starting or stopping a therapy. I’ve always found alternative medicine intriguing. It’s wild how some of these treatments that aren’t regulated or “medically proven” can…

Facing the challenges of travel with a chronic illness

This year, I finally did something huge on my bucket list: I went to Greece. Santorini, to be specific. The white volcanic rock, the sea cliffs overlooking the caldera, the beautiful, iconic blue steeples, and even the flying dress photo shoots — I wanted to see it all. But when…